How to Plan an Affordable Wedding for Any Season

wedding flowers brideWith the average American wedding costing almost as much as the average price of a car, trying to plan a wedding on a budget can be a scary proposition. Some brides fear that there is no way to have a wedding without either skimping on all the important stuff or going way into debt.

The good news is that you can have an affordable wedding, whenever you decide to tie the knot. Discover how to plan an affordable wedding for any season of the year.

If you take advantage of the best your wedding season has to offer, you will be able to plan a beautiful wedding while saving money. The wedding planning books always recommend sticking with seasonal flowers, which is excellent advice. Let’s say you are planning to get married in the spring.

Take advantage of the natural beauty of the season by hosting your wedding in a pretty garden. When you are surrounded by flowers in bloom, you will not need to bring in many decorations at all.

Many cities have botanical gardens which can be rented for events at a minimal cost, or better yet, borrow the backyard of a friend who has a green thumb. Wear a white organza bridesmaid dress instead of a traditional wedding gown for a beautiful spring bridal style at a bargain price. A simple pearl tin cup necklace and a handtied bouquet of pastel blossoms will complete your look.

In the summer, you cannot go wrong with a beach wedding or a backyard barbeque. Both can be done for a reasonable cost. The great thing about a beach wedding is that you can create inexpensive centerpieces using materials like hurricane lanterns, pillar candles, and seashells gathered on the beach. For a backyard barbeque, ultra-casual DIY centerpieces like baskets of geraniums or daisies in decoupaged tin cans look fantastic.

You can even DIY the food for a barbeque wedding instead of spending a fortune to hire a caterer. Order the meat from a local restaurant and buy the side dishes in bulk from a warehouse grocery club. Hire a couple of culinary students to be the servers at the buffet and to clear tables, and you will have a terrific reception at a rock bottom price.

Affordable is also easy to do in the fall, because the rustic style is so popular for autumn weddings. Choose a casual site like a barn, and deck it out with seasonal potted mums, pumpkins, and bundles of wheat. You can make very cool centerpieces by displaying groups of votive candles, apples, and a few fresh flowers on slabs of wood (anything made of wood is a huge trend right now).

You can greet your guests with a hot cider station instead of flutes of Champagne for a seasonal and affordable welcome. Bushels of crisp fall apples displayed attractively make for inviting and super inexpensive autumn wedding favors.


Winter weddings tend to be more fancy, and if you look through the wedding planning books, you might think it is impossible to have a winter wedding on a budget. The great news, though, is you can actually make a lot of the fancy decorations yourself using affordable elements.

Create dramatic centerpieces by spray painting branches silver and hanging crystals and tiny lanterns from them. Decorate the altar of the church with large white poinsettias instead of paying for costly cut flower arrangements. Better yet, choose a church which will be decorated for the holidays, so all you need to bring in is the bouquets.

Dress up your gown with sparkling crystal bridal jewelry instead of diamonds for a dash of affordable luxury. Your reception site can be transformed into a winter wonderland with white Christmas lights, silver ball ornaments in clear footed urns, and other seasonable accents. With a little creativity, you can definitely plan a gorgeous wedding on a budget at any time of the year!

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