Creative Bride: DIY Favors

creative wedding favors

Wedding favors have become standard in American weddings. They can be everything from a swag bag filled with goodies to a simple match book. The wedding favors have become the bride’s way of showing off her creativity and adding a personal touch to the big day. There’s no better (or cheaper) way to add a personal touch to your wedding day than by doing it yourself.


As wedding favors go, you really can’t go wrong with food. Many brides are opting to make homemade fudge or cookies packed in cute boxes for their guests. Mini jars of jam or honey can also add a nice touch with a cute phrase attached like, “Love is sweet”.

If you’re not a chef, consider including foods native to the place you are having the wedding, especially if most guests are from out of town. For example if you are having the wedding in Pittsburgh, you can include small bottles of Heinz ketchup.


Many brides are opting to give seeds for planting at their weddings. Take this idea one step further and give a small potted plant like a mini rose bush or tulip. You can place a tulip bulb in an inexpensive candle holder and then create a place card by making a paper flower.

More details on this DIY project can be found on Martha Stewart’s website. Potted plants look pretty on your tables, and may even eliminate the need for a centerpiece, saving you some money.


Though many couples give out scented candles as their favors, you can make yours stand out with a few extra touches. Making the candles yourself using supplies at your local craft store means you can add pretty bits and pieces to make your candle extra special.

You can even create you candle inside something unexpected like a tea cup or martini glass. If you don’t have time to create your own candles, you can buy them and attach your monogram on a pretty cut-out.

Mixed Cd

Wedding guests will love a personally created cd with the couple’s favorite wedding songs. You can theme the cd any way you want. If you have a wedding in September, choose songs about the fall or the month itself.

Weddings on the sea side can include beachy songs and those that mention the sea. There are endless options to personalize the cd to reflect your wedding. Make the packaging pretty by adding a photo of you and your husband as well as your wedding date.

Whatever you decide to make for your wedding favors, be sure it represents you as a couple and will remind your guests what a blast they had at your wedding. Remember that the favor should be both personal, and usable.

Guests won’t have much use for a silver egg with your wedding date engraved on it. They will appreciate the time and effort that goes into these pretty touches and in most cases you will save money on something that your guests likely will not use.