Creating The Perfect Sized & Shaped Bouquet

making a wedding bouquet

Once you have chosen the type of flowers you want, you need to find out how you want to arrange them. The florist can help by showing you pictures of their work. This will give you ideas if you have no clue of how you want the flowers to be arranged in a bridal bouquet. It will also be beneficial to see what kind of expertise the florist has in this line of work.

The shape and color of the bouquets should compliment each dress and attendants’ attire. A traditional bride bouquet is that of white flowers but individuality is important. When it comes to the bridal party, these suggestions may be of help.

You want the maid of honor to stand out a little different from the other bridesmaids. One way of accomplishing this is through different flowers. For instance, a slightly larger size bouquet then the other bridesmaids can be arranged. Everyone will know that it’s your maid of honor by the difference in size and perhaps shape.

Bridesmaids majority of the time have the same size and kind of flowers. If you want to differentiate each bridesmaid, insert a flower that defines their personality or why they are a close friend of yours. Certain flowers denote certain personalities or qualities and this will individualize each person.


Each bouquet should be easy to handle for all participants in your wedding party. The last thing you want is to drag around a huge, awkward bouquet of flowers. Again, this is something that the florist will take into consideration. If you already have a preference, let the florist know your concerns when meeting.

As the bridesmaids flowers are usually more identical, they also want to compliment the bride’s in a small fashion, size and color. It’s also nice to incorporate the colors of your wedding in the bridal bouquet but do this in a subtle way.

For instance, as a part of the bridal bouquet, you may one to use one or two of the identical flowers that the bridesmaids have. This will add a small spot of color to the bridal bouquet as well breaking up the light color of the gown.