Silk Flowers to Save On Wedding Costs!

silk bridal bouquets

If you’re planning a wedding on a budget – as most are – you might want to take a look at every area to make costs more reasonable. Perhaps one of the easiest ways to do this is with the flowers.

How Much Are Wedding Flowers?

As you pause to brace yourself, remember of course the cost will vary depending on the wedding. There is no set amount, just like most elements that go into your wedding budget.

According to many wedding coordinators and consultants, the traditional range is from 8-10% of your total wedding budget. Of course, this is a suggestion, and one that many will want to lessen immediately.

As the bride’s bouquet can be a couple of hundred dollars itself, plus additional flowers for everything from the toss bouquet to corsages/boutonnieres, it can get rather expensive. Theoretically, wedding flowers can occupy a few hundred to a few thousand dollars of the budget.

Make the Most of What You Have

Reuse flowers to get the maximum impact. If you have flowers at the church for the ceremony, you could easily make them portable and have them transported to the reception site.

You would also do well to consider what you want. Do you really need flowers on every pew, if you are getting married at a church? Look at alternatives in every instance where it is not essential for live flowers to be present. A bow on the pew, candles as centerpieces, and other options can work very well for the wedding and reception.

Flowers are beautiful, but alternatives can be just as elegant. It doesn’t hurt that the alternatives are almost always less expensive.

Choose Carefully

When you purchase wedding flowers, there are plenty of elements that directly affect the price. The size, types, colors, and detail of the flowers/arrangements can play a pivotal role in the flower costs.

You might enjoy the savings and look of bouquets that are simple, yet elegant. You don’t have to go overboard to achieve a nice-looking wedding and reception.

You can choose the florist or delivered flowers carefully as well. Not just that – but also in reference to expensive setup costs. See where you can cut corners and look at packaged deals from florists to save extra money for other considerations.

Have You Considered Silk Flowers?

If you’ve ever eaten soy-based meat products, you might be aware that “fake” items can be just as nice as the real ones. Indeed, silk flowers are something to consider:

-Well-made silk flowers look remarkably like live flowers
-They come at a fraction of the price
-There is even more room to save money

In the past years, silk flowers have come a long way. Many feel that they look just like real flowers, but that is something that you should decide for yourself. The good news? They are much, much less expensive than fresh flowers.

Indeed, you can save even more money… By purchasing the individual flowers themselves, and a few tools, you can make the bouquets yourself. It isn’t tough, as bouquet holders and other tools can make it simple. If you’re looking to save money, silk flowers could be the answer. Plus, they will last forever.

Start Saving Money!

Take some time to evaluate the right strategy to save money here. With wedding flowers, there is plenty of room to save, from purchasing silk flowers to being frugal with the flower budget.

Comparison shop your florist, be picky with what you use, purchase silk flowers, or whatever you need to do to maximise your budget.